Saturday, November 27, 2010

suits designs

Churidar Kurta Faux Crepe Off White & PeachChuridar Kurta is garnished with embroidery & embellishments that are unpretentious and add grace to your personality. The colors of this Churidar Kurta are attractive and charming. Being made of light weight fabric this Churidar Kurta drape extreamly well.

Designer Salwar Suits – Purple & Maroon Faux CrepeDesigner Salwar Suit is garnished with embroidery & embellishments that are unpretentious and add grace to your personality. The colors of this Designer Salwar Suit are attractive and charming. Being made of light weight fabric this Designer Salwar Suit drape extreamly well.

suits designs

Embroidery Suits - Pink Faux Crepe Embroidery Suit is garnished with embroidery & embellishments that are unpretentious and add grace to your personality. ThisEmbroidery Suit can be stitched as Kameez & Salwar, Western style pant or Churidar. This Embroidery Suitwith contemporary touch are the flavor of the season.

Embroidered Salwar Kameez - Yellow Faux Crepe Embroidered Salwar Kameez is garnished with embroidery & embellishments that are unpretentious and add grace to your personality. This Embroidered Salwar Kameez is surely going to steal the heart of onlookers. Fabric, color and work – everything is amazing in this Embroidered Salwar Kameez.

Blue Salwar Kameez – Faux Crepe Blue Salwar Kameez is garnished with embroidery & embellishments that are unpretentious and add grace to your personality. This Blue Salwar Kameez can be stitched as Kameez & Salwar, Western style pant or Churidar. This Blue Salwar Kameez with contemporary touch are the flavor of the season.

suits designs

Indian Salwar Kameez

When we talk about Indian dress the first thing that comes to our mind is Indian salwar kameez. The popularity of Indian salwar kameez has reached to every corner of fashion world. Even Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman have worn Indian salwar kameez. Why salwar kameez? It is the most popular comfortable Indian dress. The versatility is good for every occasion and it goes with every season. The changing trends have added the charm and elegance to the new version of Indian salwar kameez. The variety in salwar kameez includes the embroidered salwar kameez, casual, formal, indo western for every occasion just for your liking.
Clothes give the first impression about your personality. The style speaks with the vibrant and beautifully colored embroidery or ornate designs; these are common parts of Indian salwar kameez. The fabrics which are used are from cotton to silk, crepes to georgettes, satins to chiffons. There is a lot of work involved like sequins, handwork, chicken work-which is very popular among the people because of its unique appeal, zardosi, block print, beadwork and rubber print. Indian salwar kameez looks sexy in contrasts color, bandini work with embroidery, checks and striped patterns.
The Indian salwar kameez has been preferred by the younger generation, because it is easy to carry out at home and even at work. As the fashion changed, salwar kameez has also changed from its traditional look. It is more trendy and fashionable and fulfils all the demands of looking classy, elegant and charming.

Indian Salwar Kurta  Green, Brown & Beige Faux Crepe Indian Salwar Kurta is garnished with embroidery & embellishments that are unpretentious and add grace to your personality. This Indian Salwar Kurta can be stitched as Kameez & Salwar, Western style pant or Churidar. This Indian Salwar Kurta is surely going to steal the heart of onlookers.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Me, myself & my bag

Yes, the right bag can help take a few pounds off you or add some needed visual shape to your body. So, choosing THE bag is the key to great confidence and, of course, an utterly-butterly look. Usually, choosing a bag shape that’s opposite to your body type creates some magic. Nevertheless, here’re a few grab-worthy tips from an expert -

Pondicherry-based, international fashion brand Hidesign:

Large body? Small bags are a no-no.
“Small bags (like Iris-02 and Kadinsky-01) look cute but only on petite frames. If you’re large, avoid really small bags as they might make you look larger than you actually are.” Woo! Now, isn’t that an eye-opener, especially if you’ve always loved teeny-weenie bags to bits?

Big overall? Offset with big bags!
“Large and oversized bags (like Mughetto-02, Orchid-side or Rembrandt) work well if you’ve a large build as they balance you off on the whole and take the focus.” Remember, adding interesting accessories to your look swallows any unwanted attention to the body areas you want to conceal.
Short legs? Steer away from flat bags.
“Flat bags and vertical bags (like Tulip-02 or Vanvitelli-02) stay closer to the body and give you a slender and taller look. Stay away from these bags if your legs are shorter in proportion to your torso.” Measure your torso-leg ratio. Ideally, leg length is supposed to be half your height. If this proportion is slightly off, go for a saddle bag or any classic shape.

Medium built? Horizontal totes are saviours.
“Horizontal totes (like Lily-02 or Warhol-02) are popular as they create an illusion of a cross (the geometrical shape) and create a feeling of length. This is a style that works for most people.” Most horizontal totes fall at the mid-torso, which’s a flattering position/level for the viewer.

Fuller hips? Avoid slings and cross-body bags.
“They (for instance Monet-01) are great for a casual, about-the-city look. These don’t work if you’ve fuller hips as they make you look larger and shorter than you actually are.” Choose a bag that ends at the upper torso (or under your arm). Anything that falls below could be a fashion disaster.

Love shapeless shapes? Steer away from soft bags.
“Slouchy and soft bags (Violet-03 and Fiori-02 side) look great when your ensemble consists of semi-structured or fitted garments. Soft bags clubbed with draped or wobbly garments end up looking messy.” Contrasting and balancing shape, line and colour prudently is the key to achieving a great look.

Busty? Avoid bags with short handles (err… this one is Femina’s ‘add-on’ tip)
Usually, bags with short to very short handles end up being very close to the chest area, which attracts unnecessary attention to the bust line. If you must, carry your bag on your arm or clutch it in your hands instead of tucking it under your arm. A fab alternative: Carry a bag with longer handles or straps that can pull the gaze away from your shoulders and bust.

Confused? Clutches or grab-handle bags are good.
“Both these styles (check Lily and Queen) work for almost all body types. Play with contrast colours and textures to create interest.” Most looks in your wardrobe can be upped with these bags. A secret: A clutch distracts attention away from any body part!

Suzanne Roshan’s Photograph: Yogen Shah

Wear some light

‘Glowy’ shortsM
It is when the Dark Lords rule that you need the light to show you the path. Alright, poetic lines aside, what you need while you jog in the wee hours of a dark, wintery morning is a traffic police uniform-like glow on your clothes. So if you or your friends/relatives hop overseas, step into an Adidas flagship store to buy a pair of Adidas shorts (Rs 3,000 onwards) by Stella McCartney. They are built of the most sophisticated weather-resistant fabric with a lovely luminescent leopard print. Check it out on (and then click on the store finder to know where to shop for Stella’s range).

‘Lighted’ belt
Nothing can behave better than a subtly shiny, halogen-smeared slim belt on an otherwise trite ensemble. Indian market still hasn’t latched on to this trend, but the West and the Orient has. So you’ll have to scrounge the metro markets to grab this glow-in-the-dark piece. However, flaunting it with a glow strip as a style statement can go overboard if you don’t do so prudently. Psst: If you don’t find THE belt, a white-on-white diamante studded one (available for Rs 500 onwards at most multi-brand outlets like Shopper’s Stop, Pantaloon’s, Lifestyle, etc) or a slim neon cable wrapped as a belt are cool alternatives.

‘Flickering’ shoes
Way back in the mid 2000s Nike slammed the fashion market with the glow-in-the-dark running shoes. They were chic, functional and super-easy to maintain. Later, whooshed in the Jimmy Choo stunner-zip-up, strappy, cone-heeled shoe. Crafted in patent black leather, with a killer glow heel, it was breathtaking. Numerous designers followed suit. So if you find anything (at a high-end shoe store) that remotely glows from a distance, grab it. Time you literally make a few fireflies flutter at your feet. But remember, there is a very thin line between glittery sophistication and glittery tackiness!

‘Radiant’ watch
Yes, this is something you know. But this time try Diesel’s ( glow-in-the-dark silicon strap watches (around Rs 7,000). No? Then stick to Titan Fastrack’s ( neon dials (Rs 1,200 onwards) in bright shades. Although Diesel’s Young Blood Collection and Fastrack funky watches are men’s range, but who cares as long as the chunkiness works brilliantly well with smart-casual and sporty looks? However, a must-remember bit: While slipping on this radiant watch is to keep your usual accessory love at bay (read don’t overload your look. Let the timekeeper speak volumes not your other accessories).

‘Glitzy’ tattoo
How about a tattoo that glows in black light? Yes, glow-y tattoos are a huge fad world over. These pretty thingies are made in reactive ink that’s sensitive to UV light. A rather fresh idea, isn’t it? Maybe this time do step away from the Goth and try a ‘cutelicious’ or bizarre design (hmm… bugs, ants, caricatures, etc) if you must. But please check with a safe and renowned tattoo artist about it before you get all adventurous.

‘Shiny’ separate
If you aren’t radium, halogen or hi-tech luminescence fan, try adding eye-popping and electrifying neon brights-lime, orange, pink, blue and the like-into your wardrobe. They work rather well as glow-in-the-dark alternatives (err… not very close but manageable). FYI: Versace’s 2009 had neon shapes taking brilliant bows on the ramp. Another option is buying stuff with Lurex (glittery yarns in a few fabrics). They are fun too. Check some boutique or designer stores for these wearables. Happy glowing

Saris go spicy!

A far cry from the hackneyed traditional saris, the cocktail sari has evolved over the years. It has a mind of its own and can be only adorned by those who dare to be different. Nevertheless, the right cocktail sari can enhance woman of every size, from the skinniest to the most voluptuous with equal amount of élan.

All you need is confidence and few requisites to be taken care of like wearing the right colours, fabrics, styles, detailing and draping in sync with the festive season’s demands. Once, all that is taken care of, you’re all set to be the cynosure of all the eyes in the party.

No less a ‘fabric’ation of beauty
Fabric plays a major role while choosing a cocktail sari. The trick is to use the right fabric that will not only suit your body type but at the same the texture needs to create a sensuous, dramatic appeal. Therefore, choose accordingly. “The fabrics that are now ‘in’ are tulle, soft net, georgette, French chiffon, printed chiffons and georgettes and chantilly lace. These fabrics are soft, flirty and fun and at the same time can accentuate your femininity to the hilt.” says Nivedita.

Subtlety is the key
Jump out of the cliché d bandwagon by avoiding the conventional or garish colours this season. Instead opt for colours that are slightly off track yet classy and timeless. “A favourite this season would definitely be crimson red and the demure lilac or grey,” suggests Nivedita.  Whether it is the deep jewel tones, the frosted pastels, the enchanting black or the pristine white, a cocktail sari should have the ability to look stunning on any woman.

Detailed to perfection
The detailing needs to be an ideal combination of elegance and allure that accentuates the fabric and yet stand out on its own. “Detailing like velvet appliqué , sequins, self tone on embroidery and subtle crystal work are very much in vogue and justifies the chic yet slightly experimental demand of the season,” says Nivedita.

Style check
If you do have a well-shaped body, a suggested drape that would best suit your body would be the tightly draped pallu, pleated in 4 inch pleats and pinned sleekly on the shoulder. If that look doesn’t work for you, no worries! “The open graceful pallu that allows the sheerness of the fabric to be seen is another popular style of draping the cocktail sari,” says Nivedita.

Escape from the drape
If you can’t be bothered with the colossal effort it takes to drape a sari, then the latest designers have created a wonderful option for you! “The latest stitched saris are a rage with youngsters as these saris do not have to be draped and can just be worn like a garment with a zip” says Nivedita. Though it may be a little less classic than an actual sari, it does provide a hassle-free look that you can sport with é lan! Some other latest variations are the panelled sari, the gusseted skirt sari and the two piece sari.

Now that you are well-equipped with the right cocktail sari couture, team it with the right choli and accessories and get ready to rock the Diwali parties! 

Back is the new front

In the early twentieth century, Clara Bow wore one that took a deep plunge nearly to the buttocks. More recently, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Aishwarya Rai have flaunted their backs in stunning backless gowns, with the required poise it demands.

Well, backless ensembles have always been on the fashion radar but this time they are definitely making more noise. While designers are constructing godly creations for those who sashay down the red carpet, the fashionstas off the red carpet have also taken a liking to this trend. So make sure you’re not left behind.

Getting the back basics right
It needs to be remembered that a backless dress is not something you simply put on. It demands a special occasion and must be worn only by those who have a clean and curvy back, else it can look disastrous.

Noted fashion designer Nivedita Saboo of Neo couture brand who is known for her backless numbers says, “I’ve always been a great supporter of backs and the detailing involved. But the important point to be kept in mind while going in for an interesting back is the fit of the dress and the amount of attention that you want to attract to the back.” So once you get the basics right, you can decide how far you want to venture.
Testing the backless waters
If you’re a tad uneasy about diving straight in, a backless garment that shows off a little bit of the back is good enough. Approximately three to four inches of back display is just right. For those who are warmed up, a backless dress that shows off from the nape of your neck to mid back is perfect. And backs that dive deep down are the bait for those ready to go to town. “Whether it is a deep plunging neckline, fantastic embroidery, chains connecting the back or a Victorian corseted back, each style has a subtle and a classy sex appeal to it, provided you carry it off confidently,” says Nivedita. So make sure you do so!

The backless design parade
Halter tops, knee length short dresses, sweeping gowns and sexy cholis, all come in stunning backless versions.

“For those looking for something unusual, creative twists to the back are scoop backs and fabric loosely draped at the back. This shows off a fair bit of your back but not all of it. But a style that is often seen on international catwalks is gowns with plummet down backs. This is for those who dare to bare with ample aplomb,” states designer Kamakshi Dayal.

But if you’re looking for a classic style, dresses with fairly conservative fronts without hinting what is behind are just perfect. You can also opt for long, slim cut dresses with short or long sleeves and a sinking back, if you’re tall and willowy.

Ditch that age-old bridal look!

Quadruple your glam-quotient with interchangeable jewellery
Interchangeable jewellery is the smart new option. Elucidating this trend is designer Varuna D. Jani from Mumbai with her VOW collection. She says, “Why spend a bomb on elaborate bridal jewellery, which after one wear, remains stacked in a vault. Choose the unconventional, in which the same piece can be reassembled to create a new look each time. This way, you can wear the same jewellery heavy or light, depending on the occasion. ” And best of all, nobody will know you’ve repeated your jewellery which can be such a fashion faux pas otherwise.

Make heads turn with statement neckpieces
Swap traditional gold for a stylish, attention-grabbing neckpiece.  Grand, oversized, headline-making statement neckpieces can transform you from plain Jane-to-diva in seconds. Hyderabad-based designer Suhani Pittie says, “Bridal wear, today, needs to be high on the wearable-afterwards quotient. Which is why, it is getting a lot less elaborate. But, no bride wants to compromise on the look. And here’s where statement neckpieces come in. ”  Suhani votes for out-of-the-box patterns like knotted silver-wired chains with steel-mesh squares, brooch pins, coral inlaid pieces, mother of pearl and temple designs.
Look fresh as a flower
Look ethereal and ultra-feminine with fresh flower ornaments made from orchids, jasmines and roses. Wear just flowers or splash them on your gold, diamonds or jadaus.  A single fresh flower tied to a ribbon, a circlet of small flowers worn stylishly on the wrist or as a choker made using tightly strung flowers looks amazing. Even as an anklet on your mehndi-laden feet or as a demure hair accessory, flowers surely can multi-task!

Trust tiaras for that regal look
Traditionally Indian brides have always sported the bindis or maangteekas. But, for a change, how about the westernised tiara for the queen- like appeal? Tiaras encrusted with diamonds, pearls and gemstones are hot this wedding season, so try and see if one blends in with your ensemble.

Be hip with hair motifs
For the nuptials, you may have to cover your head with a veil. However, for occasions when this is not mandatory, like an engagement or Sangeet, you can consider wearing an awe-inspiring hairpiece.  Large, oversized hair motifs embellished with gemstones, crystals and other imaginative stuff like feathers, beads or coil of chains can magnify your personality and how!

Get classy with clutches
Hold up a chic clutch or even a sling handbag along with your bridal finery. Small sling bags are very in currently. You can request your couturier to create something co-ordinated or just pick up something that’s silk ruffled, satin flowered, furry or crystal covered.  They’re all very trendy!

“Especially, stylish clutches, like the brocade-trimmed ones can change the look of an outfit. They can be flaunted with traditional saris as well as with western outfits,” says designer Malini Agarwalla of Malaga, from Mumbai. Reiterating the unconventional theme, Malini stresses that while it’s important for the trousseau to contain classic-forever vintage pieces; other must-haves are funky, non-conforming accessories for semi-formal occasions.

Put your best foot forward
A great bridal ensemble needs fabulous footwear to complete the look. Stilettos, peep-toes, clogs with adornments or mojris, whatever your selection, make sure it’s unique and individualistic. Malini feels, “The whole idea is to enjoy wearing different combinations whilst experimenting with your look and yet be comfortable.”

The possibilities are endless. All you need is the panache to carry something unconventional and the spunk to be a trend-setter, and you’ll be all set to be the cynosure of admiring glances!